#SBIR #PhaseI: C5BDI proudly connects Fairfax, VA #SB with the #USAF and #IoT community with a win on a Phase I SBIR to improve federal security posture at the “speed of relevance” by delivering an interactive device dashboard and vulnerability reporting capability on all connected cyber assets with a focus on #AdvancedPowerTechnology and Base of the Future #BOTF. This cyber risk identification framework promote situational awareness to provide insight into the overall landscape of connected devices (and their locations, when applicable), known and suspected vulnerability alerts, and suggested paths to remediation. Not only beneficial to increasing a federal agency’s security posture, but also necessary for federal compliance, as bills like the IoT Cybersecurity Improvement Act of 2020. This platform will be essential for the USAF in maintaining first-line network security while mitigating preventable cyber attacks. #A2 #CMMC #COP

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