#A2 #Armor #Innovation: C5BDI helps Anaheim, CA #SB win an Air Force Technology Accelerator #AFWERX #PhaseI #SBIR to immediately support Air Force units working with ballistics and ceramic #armor to protect #Airmen and assets. This effort will enable tech transition #T2, yielding a robust capability for protecting fixed and rotary-wing aircraft, land vehicles, watercraft, and structures from small arms and heavy machine gun fire. This armor technology provides uniform, balanced protection and the ability to be directly bonded to low-cost metallic backing materials without thermal expansion problems. This is game changing as it is also integrates an affordable ceramic material that provides a 20% weight reduction over titanium while maintaining equivalent performance. As a family of armor solution, the key word is #scalable as the awarded ballistics not only accommodates any threat level, but was also recently validated by testing at the Army Research Lab #ARL #DualUse

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