C5BDI connects USAF and Newark, California based small business for a Direct to Phase II (D2P2) AFWERX Phase II SBIR. This next generation drone technology patrols large areas through the use of autonomously operating drones. These drones can be programmed to fly autonomous patrols, triggered to respond to a specific area based upon a signal from an alarm system or manually controlled by an operator to monitor an unfolding event. Each drone comes with its own base station where it can shelter, take off, land and re-charge itself autonomously. Once the tech has been set up and programmed for autonomous operation, it needs minimal human attention. The Robotic AI Intrusion Detection creates “zone/areas” that will trigger an alert if anyone enters the zone, whether on foot or vehicle. The system is approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) for both night flights and having multiple drones flying at the same time. This D2P2 has multi-mission use and is becoming a quick favorite of the USAF/DoD.

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