Ahead of this week’s Special Operations Forces Industry Conference (SOFIC18) in Tampa, Florida, C5BDI is pleased to announce another client win, this time with the Army. Led by the efforts of our SVP of Ops, Mark Longe, C5BDI helped Kerberos International, led by Dawn Cole and Sammy Smith win a Phase II sequential contract with Army Research Lab (ARL). This phase II contract is a HUGE win for Kerberos and will help take their much sought after Reactive Electronic Attack Portable Radio (REAPR) product to the next level. More importantly, Kerberos is also in development of several Phase III SBIR contracts to support the Navy, USMC, Air Force and Army. REAPR is an efficient and effective multi-mode Electronic Warfare (EW), Electronic Support (ES) and Electronic Attack (EA) system that is capable of identifying and disrupting (jamming) adversary RF signals/transmissions in the V/U/SHF frequency range without disrupting Blue Force communications, weapon systems or data networks. Congrats to Mark and the Kerberos Team for a job well done. To learn more about REAPR, Kerberos International, or on how to leverage the SBIR program for Phase III commercialization, contact us today.

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