Win Week!! C5BDI Proud to Announce a Recent Win Everyday This Week!!!!

Today’s Win – C5BDI Support Lands Commercial Training/Education Client 15% Growth In New Business!!

C5BDI most recent success includes supporting a small business in Hampton Roads realize 15% growth in new business through seminars, curriculum sales and online business. This growth also created the ability to deliver an additional online platform/marketplace. We are very excited about the short-term gains and long-term potential for this client. This effort was led by our SVP of Operations, Mr. Mark Longe who has a very diverse background in the commercial space covering marketing, sales and management. Mark is also our resident expert on the Other Transaction Authority (OTA) federal non-procurement process and disaster planning/management. We would like to thank Mark for his strategic leadership and willingness to inspire and train others within government, industry and of course us here at C5BDI.

Stay tuned for more win announcements and employee highlights this week!

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