C5BDI and AFWERX are at it again with a Phase III SBIR awarded right before the end of FY20. C5BDI connects USMC Operational, Test & Evaluation (OT&E) customer and South Bend, IN small business on a $750K SBIR Phase III. This technology was an AFWERX Open Call award, turned Phase II, now Phase III. For this contract, the USMC has a national defense-related mission need to decrease time-to-production for multi-flight-platform data and information flow. This technology platform will integrate heterogeneous metadata from a large set of source systems. Using a combination of machine learning and Network Information Theory, the tech will identify inefficient ‘hotspots’ in USMC OT&E missions increasing efficiencies in operational data and workflows. The AFWERX / USMC / Phase III train moves on!

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