C5BDI connects Commander, Submarine Force, U.S. Pacific Fleet (SUBPAC) and San Diego based small business for a $5M SBIR Phase III. Like a lot of connections highlighted lately, this SBIR started from the AFWERX Open Call. It was also awarded before the SBIR Phase II which is amazing and is further proof of the great success that AFWERX is having. The scope of this work includes providing recommendations to the US Navy on how to create efficiencies and effectiveness of internal operations by discerning methods with the Government that will improve current processes, workflows, frameworks, models and techniques, using enabling research and data-driven analysis to inform decision-making by processing data through the existing SBIR technology and/or extending the technology to address additional customer requirements. This is a 5 year effort and one that we at C5BDI are exciting to support. The Phase III press moves on!

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