C5BDI is proud to announce another client win!!! This time, a $14M Other Transaction Authority (OTA) contract through the Consortium Management Group (CMG) with PEO Carriers and the US Navy. Slow, clunky, outdated traditional procurement disruption continues (see just last week)! Efforts include supporting Carriers in design, development and delivery of an assessment and process architecture to effectively manage non-nuclear/propulsion modernization and maintenance. Thank you so much to Brad Roberts and our supporting C5BDI team for leading the charge. Whether you are government or industry, if you are still trying to figure out Agile Acquisition (A^2) and commercialization via Non-Traditional Contracting (NTC) efforts, e.g., OTA’s and Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III’s, please contact C5BDI today. We are in-line with the direction of SECDEF and SECNAV, and in the process of disrupting the entire traditional contracting model with A^2!

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