About C5BDI

What Makes C5BDI Different?

  • Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from BD, Commercial and the Government Sectors
  • Proven Tools, Processes and Methodologies
  • Standardized, Repeatable and Teachable
  • Ever Growing Network – With a “Guy” you are alone, with a “Team” you are not
  • Mix of Traditional & Non-Traditional Business Development
  • Ability to be at multiple places at one time – expanding opportunities and brand visibility
  • Agile & Flexible to meet your needs
  • Intelligence Gathering at its Finest

C5BDI’s – C5ISR BD Process™

The C5ISR BD Process is a C5BDI company proprietary platform that has been developed to help companies leverage internal processes and external networks to increase probabilities for win (p-win). Contact us to learn more about each unique tool and process within the C5ISR circles.

Learn More About C5BDI’s C5ISR BD Process

Is C5BDI Right For Your Organization?

Small Size Business

Yes, because the system brings organization, direction and clarity to the entire BD operation. Whether you have existing in-house staff or are utilizing the current line and/or consultants. C5BDI gives you the ability to build or leverage off of existing BD infrastructure. Expanding the network and creating opportunities allows for new market penetration unavailable before, and the ability to respond more quickly with precision, increasing p-wins without raising overhead.

Mid-Size Business

Yes, because the system allows you to expand BD operations without taking on an entire new BD department. Medium sized businesses have some of the toughest challenges because they are too big to be small and too small to be big. This ‘no man’s land’ of growth creates the need for strategic partnering and a laser targeted BD focus without increasing overhead which affects wrap-rates.

Large Size Business

Yes, because the system allows for a small business growth and entrepreneurship mentality under the big corporate BD umbrella. In essence, do more with less. Utilizing the C5BDI system allows for increased opportunities for partnering on small business set-asides, the ability to better shape and put burden of mundane BD opps on someone else so that technical SME’s can focus on strategy and the customer.